Premium Plan

Convert your WordPress website as a content website on your own blockchain domain that’s yours, forever. No renewals.


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* You do not need to buy or hold any cryptocurrency to use this service.

We convert your existing WordPress website to WEB3 for up to 10 webpages in this plan and provide the IPFS hash for a one-time flat rate. Costs may apply for additional rounds of image or content updates. New IPFS hash is automatically generated with every round of image/content updates.

Domain extensions are an additional one-time cost. No domain renewals.

Please note that blockchain domains can vary in costs (starting from $10), just like regular URLs, the big difference is that blockchain domains are yours to keep forever and there are NO renewal fees.

Please see below for starting prices of extensions* available:


Starts from USD 100


Starts from USD40


Starts from USD40


Starts from USD40


Starts from USD20


Starts from USD20


Starts from USD10

* Final extension cost may vary depending on domain name